About Steven R Unger

Steven lives the suburbs of Portland, Oregon with his husband Dusty. They have six grown children and 13 grandchildren.

Steven was born in 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Northern New Jersey, and North and Northwest Chicago.

Steve graduated from Yale University in 1972 with a special major in Humanistic Psychology. After college Steve worked as a social worker in Chicago and San Francisco.

In 1980 Steve opened a Word Procesing Service in San Francisco. in 1983, Steve went to work for Xerox as an office systems analyst. Over time Steve moved into software product marketing for Xerox and two other companies.

In 2001 Steve lost his job at a late stage start-up in the high tech crash. Steve and Dusty moved to Portland, Oregon and became “innkeepers”. They hosted over 30,000 guests in a historic Victorian bed & breakfast in central Portland with 8 guest rooms. Their B&B was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and top-rated on Trip Adviser. In April 2020 the couple was forced to close the B&B due to Covid-19 which led to the sale of the property in 2021.

Steve maintains a strong interest in technology, humanistic psychology and meditation.