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A Boomer’s Guide to Buying a Mattress

Purchasing a New Mattress Can Be Very Confusing

For most people, buying a new mattress is an important but occasional activity. This guide traces the development of the mattress industry, talks about the various types of mattresses available today, and discusses the factors that will influence your purchase decision.

Short-term Rental Success

How to Set Up and Manage a short-term Rental

If you’ve seen those “airBnB It” commercials on T.V., you may be wondering if renting out part or all of your home could help you finance your retirement? The answer is “yes”, provided you educate yourself in advance.

The 4 Stages of Life

A Personal Essay and Workbook

This essay discusses the 4 Stages of Life. Each stage usually has an identifiable turning point and may also involve a major life-change “pivot”. There are also self-history forms so you can discover your own life.