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Editor’s Note: I hosted a weekly course on Non-violent Communication (NVC) in my home for several years. Sadie Scabarozi was the group leader and demonstrated an amazing ability to listen to group members and respond emphatically — with advice or judgment.

Sadie Scabarozi has been studying and practicing empathetic communication as described by Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D. in Non-violent Communication (or NVC for short).

“Empathetic Listening” means hearing another person describe their life activities, issue and challenges, and responding by only telling them what you hear them saying. The Empathetic Listener does not “judge” or evaluate, or give advice, or counseling, or try to “make things better”.

Over the years, Sadie has worked in Crisis Intervention for 17 years. She has worked with clients experiencing homelessness and endangered street kids, and managed a transition house for youth.

Essence and being statement …

Sadie is not a doctor, nurse, or licenensed psychotherapist, or registered social worker. But has years of experience in listening to folks describe their life experience

The listening session are limited to 30 minutes. The first session is free. Donations are accepted for additional sessions.

To communicate with Sadie please send an email to ssrozi123@gmail.com