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TYPE-S Car Battery Jump Starter and Power Bank

Forgot to turn off your lights when you parked?

With the Type-S Jump Starter, you don’t have to call AAA for a jump start.

  • A Must-Have Item for Every Vehicle – Avoid being stuck on the road by having a reliable and powerful car battery jump starter
  • With 400 Amps Max of power, this small, handy, and portable jump starter pack can jump-start a dead battery on most common vehicles
  • Powerful & Compact – can fit in your glove box.
  • Power Bank also comes with a handy portable LED flashlight, including strobe and emergency modes.
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Editor’s Note:
The Type-S Quick-start Battery Charger has saved us hours of waiting and hassles. When fully charged we store it in our car. The battery holds its charge for months and can be used for several start-ups before recharging.