Lion and the Rose

Whatever Happened to the Lion and the Rose ?

Thanks to our many guests … After taking over the Lion and the Rose in October 2002 we hosted over 30,000 guests and were top-rated on Trip Adviser. The best part of running the B&B was you, our guests. We met so many wonderful people we would otherwise have never encountered.

Update … In April 2020 we had to close the Lion and the Rose due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which eventually led to the sale of the property in June of 2021. The buyer is a Developer who specializes in converting historic properties in Portland into affordable month-to-month room rentals.

Today … We now live in a suburb south of downtown Portland. Since we have six grown children and 13 grandchildren there is plenty of family activity to keep us busy. The transition from being a busy Innkeeper to a “retired” life resulted in us creating a website that provides a curated set of links to information, services, and practical products that make Senior’s lives easier, more enjoyable, healthier, safer, and more rewarding.